Ex-Biden Official Drops Trump Health Bombshell

It is noted that Michael LaRosa, former Press Secretary for First Lady Jill Biden, squared off with Hogan Gidley, former White House Deputy Press Secretary for Donald Trump, in a Fox News debate about Trump’s treatment of the military via Media Ite.



Before retiring, the former president suggested Mark Milley be executed for contacting his Chinese military counterpart during Trump’s final months in office.

The statement led to outcry from fellow Republicans but also a response from Milley, who referred to Trump as a “wannabee dictator” during his retirement speech. LaRosa and Gidley joined Howard Kurtz on Media Buzz Sunday to debate Trump’s treatment of the military.

“Bottom line is, it’s part of a larger narrative Republicans have being anti-military. It’s not just what he said about General Milley, It’s what he said about the people who’ve died for this country, calling them losers and suckers,” LaRosa claimed. “It’s what they’ve done with they played politics with military families benefits. It’s what they’re doing now on the floor of the Senate with promotions for the military.”

Gidley fired back that Trump “rebuilt the military” after “Obama and Biden gutted it” while also claiming the Republican frontrunner reformed the VA to help veterans see their doctors without long waiting periods.

“Biden put the 8,000 people we fired back into place and they weren’t even doing their job, they were hurting the military,” Gidley responded — referring to the VA. “Don’t tell me the left is supportive of the military. They are not and haven’t been for a long time.”

LaRosa then slammed Trump for reportedly avoiding military service over bone spurs during the Vietnam War.

“And president bone spurs … insulted families, gold star families called them losers and suckers because he wouldn’t go to a ceremony,” the former Biden aide shot back.

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