Ex-Fox Host Rejects Being Trump’s Vice President?

According to Trending News Politics, Tucker Carlson made some intriguing comments at the American Principles Project Foundation’s (APP) annual Christmas gala this week. It has been noted that amid the rumors and a report suggesting Melania Trump’s interest in him as a potential vice-presidential candidate, Carlson’s response was both humorous and telling.



Carlson stated that he would consider the role, but it would take nothing short of divine intervention, saying, “God would have to yell at me very loud,” for him to take the VP slot alongside former President Donald Trump in the 2024 election.

Carlson’s comment come amid the tons of speculation about his political ambitions. However, he has consistently shown a lack of interest in transitioning from his established career as a media pundit to a political figure.

During the gala, he humorously likened the potential shift to going from “a well-paid street corner schizophrenic to, like, a politician.”

In a recent interview with Roseanne Barr, Carlson disclosed his staunch support for Trump, especially in light of the 2022 Mar-a-Lago raid.

“I’ve always agreed with Trump’s policies, and I’ve lost friends over it,” Carlson shared. However, he said that it was the controversial raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence that transformed him from a passive supporter to an active one. “That just can’t stand,” he said.

“You cannot allow the regime, the President of the United States, to use the Justice Department to knock the frontrunner out of the race,” Carlson explained. “You can’t do that… So it’s bigger than Trump. It’s bigger than Biden. It’s a question of, do you want to live in a free country with a functioning justice system.”

Axios reported that Melania Trump has been strongly encouraging her husband to consider Carlson for the role of his top aide, arguing that he would be a “powerful onstage extension” to the former President’s camera-ready bravado. The addition of Carlson may also ramp up Melania’s appearances on the campaign trail of which she has only made several so far this year.

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