Ex-Fox Host Warns Of ‘Riot’ If Trump Sent To Jail

Conservative commentator and SiriusXM radio host Megyn Kelly recently warned on Thursday that the “country will burn” should former President Donald Trump is sent to jail before Election Day in 2024, while recapping the Republican primary debate she moderated on Wednesday via Mediaite.



“I don’t think anybody thinks anything really changed as a result of last night so once again, Trump won because if nothing changed, he’s the winner, he’s 50 points ahead,” began Kelly during a conversation with National Review‘s Rich Lowry and Jim Geraghty.

“So now what, guys? Andy McCarthy had an editorial on National Review saying he thinks Judge [Tanya] Chutkan might not let Trump go free on bond when he is likely convicted in that federal case in D.C.. There will be riots, the country will burn if she sends him to jail prior to November 2024, and Andy, he’s the smartest guy we all know, is saying ‘don’t rule it out.’ So where do we go from this day to that?” Kelly asked.

Geraghty responded by suggesting that “[Ron] DeSantis and [Nikki] Haley should form a unity ticket, either Haley-DeSantis, DeSantis-Haley, I don’t have a particularly strong preference one way or the other, but that’s the one way you could get most Haley supporters to jump on board with DeSantis and vice versa,” before noting that to date, the two candidates have “fought for a very distance second-place.”

“If Trump’s the nominee, we’re in totally uncharted waters,” he continued. “And I would say based on history, don’t doubt Andy McCarthy.”

It has been noted that in his column, McCarthy argued that Judge Chutkan’s ruling that Trump is not immune from criminal prosecution “could determine the viability of Trump’s 2024 presidential bid.”

Chutkan is overseeing the federal charges brought against Trump for his alleged interference in the 2020 election.

“Let’s say Trump is convicted by the jury in Washington, D.C. — a distinct possibility,” wrote McCarthy. “While I believe Judge Chutkan would exercise her broad authority to allow him to remain at liberty pending sentencing (usually three months after trial), that is no sure thing.”

“If Trump is convicted and sentenced to prison, I would not bet on Chutkan’s granting him bail pending appeal. If she were to order him remanded, the former president would have to try to convince the D.C. Circuit to overrule Judge Chutkan and allow him to remain at liberty as the 2024 campaign ensued,” he concluded.

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