Ex-Wrestling Champion Arrested For ‘Terrorist Threats’

The former Cincinnati Bengals cornerback and ex-TNA Wrestling Tag Team Champion Adam Pacman Jones was recently released from jail after being being arrested on the charge of terroristic threats. The incident allegedly occurred when Jones was drunk, a claim he denied. He called the charges “b******t” and expressed frustration at his arrest.



Jones refuted everything after being released:

“Do I look intoxicated to you? I only been locked up for two hours. Y’all talking about 6:30 in the morning. Who in the hell is drunk at 6:30 in the morning, man? This s*** getting old, bro. It’s getting old. And we gotta stop doing this.”

It has been also noted that he begged reporters to report the facts at the same time. Adam Pacman Jones was accused of being drunk at an airport and making terroristic charges early this morning. Officials were called over to deal with what was described as an unruly passenger.

Jones is facing misdemeanor charges of alcohol intoxication, disorderly conduct and terroristic threatening. Before the arrest, a video went viral of Jones ranting about his Bengals’ loss on Sunday.

The team played the Cleveland Browns and were thoroughly beaten, 24-3. Joe Burrow, fresh off a record-setting contract extension, threw for less than 100 yards in the loss.

Notably, this isn’t Jones’ first incident with the law nor his first issue at an airport. He has had a few legal troubles throughout his career and in his retirement, which began after 2018.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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