Ex-WWE Champion Calls Top Name ‘Triple H’s Stooge’

CM Punk’s departure from AEW has ignited a flurry of stories and revelations about the enigmatic wrestler. While the clashes between Punk and AEW’s Jack Perry, Ryan Nemeth, and The Elite have been well-documented, it appears that the list of those who found themselves at odds with the Second City Savior extends further, including none other than the respected wrestling figure, William Regal.



According to reports from BodySlam.net, an unexpected confrontation unfolded between CM Punk and William Regal during Regal’s introduction to AEW. The incident, shrouded in tension, took place when Regal was making his debut with the company. Surprisingly, Punk declined the customary handshake, and the reason behind his refusal was a pointed one—he considered Regal a “Triple H stooge.”

Multiple sources have independently verified the details of this clash between CM Punk and William Regal, providing a more comprehensive perspective on the situation. In this confrontation between the two wrestling icons, Punk not only abstained from the traditional handshake but also approached Regal with an air of defiance. He candidly expressed his dislike and distrust for Regal, unapologetically branding him as a “stooge for Triple H.”

Multiple sources have confirmed to me details about an incident that took place between CM Punk and William Regal, which took place when Regal made his AEW debut. In the altercation between the two men, Punk refused to shake Regal’s hand, and would then get in the legends face, telling him that he did not like him, he did not trust him and that Regal was a “stooge for Triple H.”

The revelation of this incident piques curiosity, as it marks the first public disclosure of this particular altercation. The underlying dynamics between William Regal and Triple H add an intriguing layer to this narrative. Their close relationship is well-documented, with Triple H being instrumental in bringing Regal back to WWE during his tenure. Regal remains an integral part of WWE to this day, adding an intriguing twist to Punk’s perceived animosity towards Regal’s affiliation.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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