Ex-WWE Champion Demands $3 Million From Saudis

Vince McMahon decided to make his way back to WWE. A new filing showed that McMahon is returning to the WWE board of directors. Reports emerged that the WWE Board Of Directors also tried to stop Vince McMahon from returning. Former WWE co-presidents Michelle Wilson and George Barrios are also on the board.



Independent directors Alan Wexler, JoEllen Lyons Dillon, and Jeffrey Speed have been removed. This is separate from the three board members removed. The filing shows that Vince has made changes to WWE’s bylaws so media rights deals and any company sales can’t be made without his approval. The filing also includes emails Vince has sent to the board.

Meanwhile, McMahon had stated that his intention was to facilitate a sale of the company. There has been much speculation that Vince McMahon was looking to sell to a party that would commit to keeping him in charge of the company. It was further noted on Tuesday that Stephanie McMahon was resigning as Co-CEO of WWE and that Vince McMahon was unanimously voted in as Executive Chairman. Speculation was everywhere and it didn’t take more than a couple of hours before it was revealed that among the potential buyers interested in purchasing WWE was a group out of Saudi Arabia. Now, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle has said that he’d wrestle for a hefty payday at a WWE show in Saudi Arabia, regardless of his bad knees.

Kurt Angle wants to make massive money

The WWE Hall of Famer has been away from in-ring competition wrestled since he lost his retirement match to Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 35 in 2019. He previously stated that he had offers from AEW, but he turned them down, While Angle has appeared on WWE programming multiple times since his retirement, he has been utilized in non-wrestling roles. But if the money was right, Angle would lace up his boots again.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show, The WWE Hall of Famer commented on the rumor that Shawn Michaels was paid $3 million for his match at WWE Crown Jewel 2018, where he and Triple H defeated The Undertaker and Kane.

“I’m not a WWE lifer,” Angle said. “Shawn is, so his loyalty is still with the WWE, and they paid him very well for it.

When asked if he’d think about it if the company offered him $3 million to wrestle at an event in Saudi Arabia, Angle stated that he’d do it in a second, regardless of the fact that he had double knee replacement surgery last year.

“What are you talking about? I’d do it in a second,” Angle said. “Good knees or bad knees, I’d do it in a second.”

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