Ex-WWE Champion Announces Departure Before Raw

Ronda Rousey announced she’s leaving WWE in an Instagram post before Raw, “@qosbaszler you were the reason I got into this business… Now I got no reason to stay.”



In the ever-evolving world of WWE, talent movement is a constant occurrence. Another name has been added to the list of departures, as WWE officially confirmed Aleah James’ exit from their roster.

The news of Aleah James’ departure came as no surprise, as the company made a notable update to their roster pages. Aleah James, previously listed as part of the current roster, has now been moved to the alumni roster, signaling her official departure from WWE. The talented wrestler publicly announced that she had become a free agent, opening up new opportunities in the world of professional wrestling.

Fans had been speculating about her future within WWE, with many assuming she might transition to the US-based version of NXT. This speculation was fueled by her previous affiliation with the NXT UK roster before its dissolution. Additionally, her real-life relationship with Noam Dar, who made the move from NXT UK to the US-based NXT, further sparked rumors of a similar path for Aleah. However, despite the buzz surrounding her status, WWE kept her on the current roster page for several days after she declared her free agency.

As reported by Ringside – With the official update to the roster pages, all doubts have been put to rest. Aleah James is officially no longer part of the WWE roster, and her journey in the company has come to an end. As she embarks on a new chapter as a free agent, fans eagerly anticipate her future endeavors in the world of professional wrestling.

Aleah James possesses immense talent, and while her time in WWE didn’t pan out as expected, she still has a promising future ahead. As a free agent, she has the flexibility to explore various opportunities and showcase her skills in different wrestling promotions. WWE fans, along with the wrestling community, will undoubtedly keep a close eye on her next moves, as she continues to leave a mark in the industry.

While Aleah James bids farewell to the WWE roster, her wrestling journey is far from over. With determination and passion, she has the potential to return to WWE or make her mark in other prominent promotions around the world. As the wrestling landscape continues to shift, one thing remains certain – Aleah James’ journey is just beginning, and the wrestling world eagerly awaits the next chapter in her promising career.

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