Ex-WWE Champion Gets 10-Year DUI Suspension

Former WWE Champion and tag team specialist Jeff Hardy had a great time in WWE but ultimately left the company due to a variety of reasons. He made his way to AEW back in March of this year and was having a great time there.



However, that all changed after he was arrested for his third DUI before an episode of AEW Dynamite. According to Florida criminal statutes, special laws are in place for multiple DUI offenders. A third DUI conviction within ten years is considered a felony in the state. Due to this, he could very well be seeing some jail time.

If an individual is convicted of a third DUI within ten years in Florida, a judge is required to impose several penalties. Many people wrongly ended up blaming his brother Matt Hardy for putting him in danger as well.

According to Fightful, Jeff Hardy’s DUI case has been officially closed as revealed by the latest documents from the Volusia County Clerk of Circuit Court records. The development comes two days after Jeff’s attorney filed a motion to exclude certain evidence from the trial with the description of “unreliable breath test results.”

20. Mr. Hardy’s breath tests did not comply with FDLE’s requirements established in FDLE’s administrative rules to ensure reliable quantitative breath tests.

21. There is insufficient probative evidence that the breath tests in Mr. Hardy’s case were performed substantially in accordance with methods approved by FDLE and with a compliant machine approved by FDLE.

22. For the above reasons, this Court should enter an order excluding any evidence of a breath test and breath test results obtained in this case.

Hardy was arrested at 9:54am on June 13 for three charges.

Violating Restrictions Placed on Driving License

Driving While License Cancelled/Suspended/Revoked

DUI Alcohol/Drugs third offense within 10 years

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was noted that court records show that the case is now closed after Hardy submitted a written plea of “nolo contendere” to all charges.

“Nolo contendere” translates from Latin as “I do not wish to contend” and is a “plea of no contest” without entering a guilty plea or admitting one’s guilt. His licence was also suspended for 10 years.

Hardy’s license will be suspended for the next decade and he will get 38 days credit for time served in county jail as part of his sentence.

The report also revealed the full sentence via Volusia County court records. You can check out his full penalties below.

A 10-year suspension of his license

Two years with an interlock device and 90-day vehicle impoundment

Court-mandated DUI school or drug rehab program

Community service

A 38-day county jail sentence with 38 days credit for time served

Two years probation

$4586 in fines and court fees


Harrison Carter
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