Ex-WWE Champion Leaves Before SummerSlam

Big E has left Nashville prior to WWE SummerSlam, FightfulSelect.com reports. He was in town for WWE tryouts. Seth Rollins was pulled from Friday media obligations, and it’s unknown if Edge or Bayley are in town. Maximum Male Models will appear at SummerSlam.



One star that won’t be at SummerSlam is Road Dogg, who was released by WWE. WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg (Jessie James) had stint with WWE in the role of producer and writer. He also went on to become a head writer of WWE SmackDown before heading to NXT to be a coach and producer. However, he was released by the company in January this year. Vince McMahon has retired and Triple H recently took charge of talent relations and creative. Fans have been wondering if Road Dogg would find his way back to WWE.

Road Dogg could move to NXT; wants to join AEW if possible

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Dogg said that he is open to consider going back to NXT. He said:

“For a while there, it was hands off and I could write the SmackDown I wanted to write, with help, of course. Then, it got back to the old corporate ways. I would love to go back to NXT. I don’t think I want to go to the main roster. I would love to go somewhere where I have something to offer. What I have to offer is making the television show sweet. I got a couple of ideas about wrestling. I feel like WWE has that. They have everything I have to offer. I don’t know if they’d hire me back. Of course, I’d love to go back to NXT. It’s really cool down there. Shawn (Michaels) and a couple of writers I worked with on SmackDown, got a great rapport with those guys. I don’t know if I’m ready to do the ol’ Windsor nod and fit back into the suits I bought,”

Dogg has been close with Triple H and Shawn Michaels dating back to their days in D-Generation X during the Attitude Era. Later in the interview, Dogg stated:

“I’m not retired, I’m unemployed. I see things on Tony Khan’s TV show that appall me. I could help with that. I have been begging him for a job on every platform I can and I want to know the reason why he won’t hire me.”

We will see what future holds for Dogg.

Barry Russell
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