Ex-WWE Champion Rehired After Losing Top Diva?

It seems that WWE is eyeing to add to their Day 1 edition of Raw, and there could be a big plan in place.



Sean Sapp noted behind Fightful’s paywall that, “Sources within WWE, while speaking vaguely, claimed that the company is ‘on the one yard line’ in landing a former WWE Champion to appear on the show, and they feel confident they can get the deal done.”

It’s unclear who will return but the superstar could turn out to be a huge surprise fans. Triple H said the report was true on Twitter.

It’s worth noting that “former WWE Champion” was the terms used by those sources. We asked if the name was one that was active or a retired talent, but weren’t given that info. We’ll continue to work to provide some more details as we get them.

It was also noted that, “We haven’t been given a specific name, but were told it was someone not currently on their roster.” Only time will tell who WWE pulls in for the big show.

Meanwhile, former Sasha Banks, (currently, Mercedes Mone) walked out of WWE in May of 2022, and it seems that she will stay away from the company for even longer. Although there was hope that Sasha Banks will return to WWE, that doesn’t appear to be happening now.

Sean Sapp is now reporting behind Fightful’s paywall that WWE and Sasha Banks are no longer talking about a return. It was said that WWE and Mercedes Mone had good talks, but they didn’t work anything out at this time.

“Top free agent Mercedes Mone aka Sasha Banks and WWE had been engaged in conversations to possibly bring her back to the company. However, WWE sources stated to Fightful Friday night that the two sides are no longer in active negotiations regarding a return.

The two sides had recently been engaged in conversations about a return. We’re told the dialogue was friendly, the back and forth failed to progress, and WWE sources claim that their side walked as a result of it.”

It was also noted that, “Another source within the company believed that she would end up appearing elsewhere imminently, but didn’t state where. AEW has their Worlds End Show Saturday, NJPW has Wrestle Kingdom next week, and TNA Wrestling is rebranding for Hard to Kill in two weeks.”


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