Ex-WWE Champion Released From Hospital After Raw

WWE star Braun Strowman is currently sidelined with an injury. ‘The Monster of All Monsters’ suffered a concussion, but he wasn’t out of action for long. Then the former Universal Champion returned to the ring, but he suffered another injury, one that required surgery.



PW Insider has noted that Braun Strowman had neck fusion surgery. Now he is out of the hospital, but his return time frame is unknown.

“Braun Strowman was released from the hospital yesterday following his neck fusion surgery, PWInsider.com can confirm.

There is no official word on his recovery or expected return to the ring, but it is not believed to be anytime in the near future.”

Prior to his surgery, Braun had been working the tag team division in WWE alongside unlikely partner Ricochet. Ricochet will compete in the 2023 men’s Money In The Bank ladder match.

Meanwhile, it has been noted that while Strowman has a huge fanbase, pro wrestling veteran Dutch Mantell believes it does not hide the fact that some of his moves are uninteresting.

Speaking about his personal opinion in an episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Smack Talk, Mantell stated:

“I was watching Braun Strowman and he almost tripped and fell tonight. He’s uncoordinated as hell to be in the spot that he’s in. When he runs around the ring and knocks guys down, I hate that. It’s like if he starts from the other side, wouldn’t the guy on this side see him coming and like, get out of the way or get in the ring? That to me is the dumbest move, but people like it, so it’s not up to me. He’s a very uncoordinated talent, I think.” 

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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