Ex-WWE Diva Goes After Homeless Fan

The former WWE star Lana(now CJ Perry) recently sent out a Tweet that received major flak from the fans following which she apologized to the fans.



Lana apologizes for her comments

The former WWE star responded to a fan who was apparently homeless. She stated they still have a mobile device to tweet from. The post left the the fans on the social media platform angry, and ‘The Ravishing Russian’ received massive backlash over the same. Lana then put out a bunch of tweets to explain what she meant by the original tweet. She wrote that she was homeless on two occasions and had nothing but empathy for people without homes.

“Let me clear something up about something going around about a tweet. Most people don’t know that I was homeless 2 different times chasing big dreams. I have plenty of empathy for the homeless because I was homeless. But I was grateful because I had a phone to tweet from,” the former WWE star wrote.

It was noted that in another tweet, Lana talked about trying to block the trauma of being homeless from her memories. She concluded by noting that Twitter fans had re-triggered her trauma with their hateful tweets:

“It’s insane talking about being homeless and now starting to remember all the places I slept that I blocked out of my memory. We truly do block trauma out of our memories and brain. I can thank many ppl on Twitter from re triggering my trauma of being homeless,” she wrote.

In a recent tweet, she sent out a apology note for her post and clarified that she had no intentions of offending people with her comments:

“If I offended you I apologize. That was never my intentions,” she wrote.

Check out the Tweets below:





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