Ex-WWE Diva Is Pregnant With Twins After Return

WWE Superstars may dazzle fans with their high-energy performances in the ring, but they’re also people with personal lives outside of the spotlight. Even after retiring from the WWE, their fans are always excited to hear updates about their favorite wrestlers. And when those updates involve the exciting news of twins, it’s an even bigger cause for celebration.



One such superstar who has been laying low on the WWE scene is none other than Kelly Kelly. Despite her absence from the ring, fans were thrilled to hear the news that she was carrying a bundle of joy. But as it turns out, that bundle of joy is double the excitement!

On Easter Sunday, Kelly Kelly took to Twitter to drop a bombshell announcement: she’s having twins! Accompanied by two baby emojis, her post was met with an outpouring of love and well-wishes from fans.

Plot twist…. We’re having (two baby emojis)

Of course, this news shouldn’t come as a complete surprise to fans. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kelly Kelly spoke candidly about her experience with motherhood and the impact it will have on her career as a wrestler.

“Taking a break from wrestling for a while is definitely on the cards for me now, to really focus on my new family,” she said. “Performing for the fans is something I adore, and WWE has always been accommodating about leaving the door open for me whenever I want to come back. So who knows what the future holds? Maybe we’ll even have a future wrestler on our hands?”

Despite the changes on the horizon, Kelly Kelly’s enthusiasm for the sport hasn’t waned. In fact, she’s excited to show off her growing belly bump at the upcoming WrestleMania event in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, fellow WWE alum Barbie Blank and her husband Joe Coba have also received some exciting news: they’re expecting not one, but two new additions to their family! While unexpected, the couple is overjoyed and ready to take on the challenges that come with being a family of four.

For both Kelly Kelly and Barbie Blank, their personal lives are taking center stage. But for their fans, these exciting updates are just more reasons to cheer on these beloved WWE Superstars.


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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