Ex-WWE Diva Looks Like Mess In Court Video

WWE Hall of Famer Sunny looks like a mess as she is facing her sentencing.



WWE Hall of Famer Tammy Sytch, famously known as Sunny, is currently undergoing a sentencing hearing in Volusia County, Florida. The hearing follows her no contest plea to multiple charges, including DUI Manslaughter, operating a vehicle with a suspended license, DUI causing injury, and DUI causing property damage, related to a tragic incident in March 2022 resulting in the death of 75-year-old Julian Lasseter.

Sytch, present in an orange jail jumpsuit, awaits her sentence as both the defense and prosecution present arguments. Expert witnesses, including a forensic psychologist, provide insights into Sytch’s mental health as part of the defense’s case.

The forensic psychologist, who evaluated Sytch in the spring of 2023, revealed her history of medical and psychological conditions, including anxiety, depression, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, pancreatitis, back pain, and PTSD. Sytch reported nightmares of being assaulted, reflecting her emotional struggles.

The psychologist emphasized Sytch’s family history of alcoholism, confirmed by her sister Laurie, and consulted Missy Leslie, the wife of Brutus Beefcake, revealing patterns of abuse in Sytch’s relationships and a backdrop of alcohol abuse.

Sytch’s life, marked by both stability and struggle, included personal losses like her father’s death, her niece’s tragic car accident, and the passing of her partner, Chris Candido. The psychologist portrayed Sytch’s emotional journey, marked by cycles of euphoria and depression.

Sytch’s wrestling career, influenced by her relationship with Chris Candido, involved challenges such as injuries, including torn ACL and quad, and almost half a dozen concussions. Lack of medical insurance led her to use alcohol and Xanax as coping mechanisms.

The psychologist delved into Sytch’s romantic relationships, outlining a complex history. He diagnosed her with borderline personality disorder, characterized by sensitivity to rejection and impulsive behavior. Sytch struggled with being alone, seeking approval despite abusive relationships, as evidenced by police reports and her difficulty breaking free from toxic cycles.

Insights into Sytch’s struggles with substance abuse, steroid use, and self-destructive behaviors underscored the impact of wrestling industry demands and her borderline personality traits.

The psychologist emphasized Sytch’s reported brain damage from concussions, seizures, and a history of head blows in wrestling. Neuro-psychological tests indicated PTSD, depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, substance abuse disorder, and a focus on chronic pain.

As Sytch awaits sentencing, the psychological evaluation provides a detailed picture of her tumultuous life, shedding light on the challenges she faced, both personally and within the wrestling industry.

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