Ex-WWE Star Arrested With Steroids & Ecstasy

Former WWE star Teddy Hart has often found himself in hot water during his career. From his cat breeding to kidnapping to possession of many drugs, Teddy Hart has been involved in controversial cases. He even got his own documentary series that chronicles the downfall of his career. It has come to light that he is in a problem yet again.



Ringside News reported that:

“Police records indicate on July 14th, Teddy Hart was taken into custody in Brevard County, FL, on charges related to marijuana, steroids, and MDMA. However, on July 15th, he was released on Community Supervision by Judge Speicher, who has imposed certain conditions.

As part of this supervision, Teddy Hart will be required to make weekly check-in calls and may also be subjected to random drug testing. For more detailed information regarding the arrest, please find the attached arrest affidavit.”

Teddy Hart has faced various legal troubles in the past. There have been arrests and charges related to drug possession, assault, and animal cruelty. Hart’s history of legal issues has been a subject of concern and controversy within the wrestling community.

Teddy Hart has also been accused of abuse in the past, and some of that was related to his unconventional, and some would say unforgivable, pro wrestling training that he put some people through. He was later charged for the strangulation of Maria Manic as well.

In 2020, Hart was facing charges of injuring a child/elderly/disabled person, evading arrest with a vehicle and possession of a controlled substance.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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