Ex-WWE Star Begs For Job After Bray Wyatt Death

Former WWE announcer Greg Hamilton posted and later deleted on Instagram, ““I can’t keep it together, not Windham. Bray was a once in a lifetime. WWE, Triple H, Titus O Neil I want to come home. I made so many mistakes and didn’t ask for help. I should have. I’ve rectified them. I will take the smallest job in the company, let me come home”



Bray Wyatt recently passed away at the age of 36. The devastating news of Wyatt’s passing away was earlier shared by Triple H on Twitter after he got a call from Rotunda’s father, Mike Rotunda (IRS in WWE).

A video clip has resurfaced where Bray Wyatt spoke about what he wants his legacy to be when he dies. Bray Wyatt sat down for a deep interview with The Gorilla Position six years ago. He was WWE Champion at the time, and ready to take on Randy Orton in a WrestleMania clash with the title on the line.

During that interview, Bray Wyatt was questioned about how his promos connect with fans. This caused Wyatt to go into how he wanted to be different, and nobody could write for him. He also used this chance to share how he wanted to be remembered after his passing.

“I’ve been asked that time and time again, no one can write promos for me. I like to know where we’re going sometimes, but I can only be me. I can only be me. I’m not the type of person, I’m not like Enzo and Cass where I hit the same punchline so many times so you cheer it back and remind me how great I am.”

“When I go out there, I’m trying to deliver something important to me. There’s passion and emotion behind every syllable that I put out of my mouth, and I feel that people have really connected with that on very deep levels, not just entertainment value. But, people who have taken to it as life-lessons, which is cool.”

“When I go out there, it’s because I want to deliver something special. I want to give them something that no one else does. No one does me, because no one else is me. That will be my legacy when I die, hopefully.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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