Ex-WWE Star Finally Transitions To Woman After Years

Gabbi Tuft, who is a former WWE star Tyler Reks recently talked about her experience of transformation and how she managed to achieve her dream feminine body.



She had started her WWE career as Tyler Reks in 2009 but she asked for her release in 2012. She retired from wrestling but went on to team up with Curt Hawkins in 2014 on the indie scene for a brief period. Performing as Tyler Reks, she became a former FCW Champion, a 2-time FCW tag-team champion (once with John Morrions, once with Curtis Axel).

Gabbi Tuft previously weighed a whopping 280lbs (20 stone) as Tyler Reks and had just six percent body fat when she made her WWE debut as Tyler Reks in 2009. She pulled off an incredible transformation two years back and she is now totally unrecognizable.

She penned an essay on Insider and the 44-year-old described herself as looking “like a cross between Ragnar Lothbrok from ‘Vikings’ and The Mountain from ‘Game of Thrones’ during the peak of her WWE career, which saw her make appearances at Smackdown, Raw and Wrestlemania.  However, the masculine look wasn’t how she felt inside and she finally decided to transition in her early 40s.

She wrote:

“The 280-pound wrestler and bodybuilder that other people saw was not who I saw when I looked in the mirror. When I began my transition, I wrestled (no pun intended) with how I desired to present myself to the world.”

She said, that in order to “lose the massive amount of muscle mass I had, I made myself a guinea pig.”

Tuft added:

“I knew that if I shared what I had learned over several years of trial and error and research, and remained 100% authentic and honest, I could help others. That, in and of itself, made the more-trying times worthwhile. There is a level of empowerment to be found in discovering answers for yourself and passing on knowledge to others who can grow and thrive from that knowledge.”

She concluded:

“I hope that my journey — and the work I have done in developing ways to stay fit while shedding pretransition muscle — will create a ripple effect within the trans community.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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