Ex-WWE Star Going On Trial For Murder In 2024

The trial for former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez, who is facing multiple charges, including premeditated attempted murder, is now anticipated to commence in January 2024.



During a recent development via MMAFighting, Judge Daniel Nishigaya granted an extension to Velasquez’s legal team for the trial setting, with the condition that a specific trial date would be established at the next hearing. This decision marks another delay in the trial process, which has seen several postponements since its initial scheduling in January.

Judge Nishigaya stated:

“I am willing to give this another setting date with the understanding that I will be intending to set a trial date in the middle to later part of January on Dec. 6,” addressing Velasquez’s attorneys and Santa Clara County prosecutor Aaron French.

The charges against Velasquez stem from an incident in February 2022 when he was arrested and accused of engaging in a high-speed chase and firing a handgun at a car occupied by Harry Goularte. Goularte, who is separately facing charges related to the alleged sexual molestation of Velasquez’s four-year-old son at a daycare owned by Goularte’s mother, was unharmed during the incident. However, Goularte’s stepfather, Paul Bender, sustained non-life-threatening injuries from a bullet wound during the altercation.

Following his arrest, Velasquez faced ten separate charges, including attempted premeditated murder, and spent eight months in custody until November 2022. During this time, Judge Arthur Bocanegra granted his release on a $1 million bond, subject to conditions that included wearing a GPS ankle monitor and undergoing outpatient treatment for traumatic brain injury and CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy), given his history as a fighter.

Since his release, Velasquez has been allowed to participate in various professional wrestling shows and other appearances while awaiting his impending trial.

The specific trial date will be determined on December 6, with Velasquez expected to return to court in January. If convicted on all charges, he could potentially face a life sentence in prison.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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