Ex-WWE Star In Trouble With Three Girlfriends

Marty Jannetty is a former professional wrestler who gained fame and popularity as one half of the tag team duo called The Rockers. The Rockers were one of the biggest draws in the tag team division, spanning both the AWA and WWE, during the 1980s and 90s. Marty continued to wrestle for several years after the dissolution of The Rockers, making occasional nostalgia runs or appearing as a mid-card or enhancement talent.



In recent times, Marty Jannetty has become a social media sensation, but unfortunately, it’s not for the right reasons. His past exploits have gained him infamy, and on top of that, he’s also dealing with a myriad of health issues. Despite these challenges, Marty has continued to share his thoughts and experiences on social media.

In a recent Facebook post, Marty expressed his fondness and nostalgia for his old friend and former tag team partner, Mr. Perfect, whom he misses dearly. However, in the same post, Marty also revealed some personal information about his romantic life. He disclosed that one of his partners had given him an ultimatum. This unnamed partner had asked Marty to reduce the number of other women he was seeing to just three or risk losing her.

Marty admitted that he initially considered which partners he would let go, but ultimately decided against it. He reasoned that he had never asked her to cut down her other male partners, so why should he have to do the same? In a humorous tone, Marty offered to give his partner a ride wherever she was leaving to, and she hasn’t called him back yet.

Despite this setback, Marty seemed confident that his partner would eventually return to him, and he quoted his former tag team partner Curt Hennig’s famous catchphrase, “no brags, just facts.” Marty’s Facebook post not only showcased his feelings of loss and nostalgia for his friend Curt Hennig but also provided a glimpse into his personal life.

“And not for nothing but, last night I was given an ultimatum from one of my ladies I actually want to keep..won’t mention the name because then that chicken head fighting starts..but she said that she’d go against her standards, if I cut my girls down to just 3, she’ll stick around..I actually thought about it, which ones to cut loose, then realized, hell naw, I didnt ask her to cut back, its a help to me that she has 2 other guys..so I said, “wherever you’re leaving to, do you need a ride?”..lol..she hung up and hasnt called back yet..lol..she’ll be back..GAURANTEED! As Curt Henning AKA Mr Perfect use to say, “no brags, just facts” lol..loves n misses ya Curt, RIP!”

In conclusion, Marty Jannetty’s career as a professional wrestler may have ended, but his social media presence continues to provide entertainment for his fans. While his past may be controversial, it’s clear that Marty remains unapologetic about his choices and continues to live life on his own terms.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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