Ex-WWE Star Kevin Thorn Explains Why Some Professional Wrestlers Use Drugs

Former WWE star Kevin Thorn appeared on the Right After Wrestling radio show last night to discuss tweets he posted about WWE sending wrestlers to rehab, being an independent contractor, being in debt after years of wrestling, and possibly being the person to stand up for the issues wrestlers face.



(3:49) The effect Twitter will have on the future of professional wrestling (with Matt Hardy, Dixie Carter and MVP as examples).

(14:56) Why did Kevin Thorn never return to the WWE after working so hard to get on the roster after his run as Kevin Thorn ended and he was sent back to developmental?

(18:32) The Vampire craze and how the WWE missed the boat with his vampire gimmick, how he was “ahead of the curve.”

(25:24) His tryout match with TNA and why TNA didn’t sign him.

(29:20) What Kevin would like the WWE to do for him in 2010.

“The guys, who need rehab, need rehab. It’s not because of the business and it’s not because of the pain. It’s because they hate not being under the lights anymore. I don’t know anyone out there who is doing drugs because they are hurting. It’s not because of pain. The pain is the mentality that they can’t do this anymore and they need something to numb them.

“They get so much joy out of coming out to the lights and the crowd. The greatest thing ever is being under those lights. That’s our drug. And to go from being under those lights in WWE to going in front of American Legion Hall in front of 200 fans, it’s kind of a letdown.”

To listen to the interview, click here.

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