Ex-WWE Star Leaking ‘Dirt’ On Vince After He Dies

Former WWE star Ryback has shared a tumultuous relationship with WWE and Vince McMahon especially. During a recent live stream, Ryback made it clear that he will never work with WWE again. They could offer him $20 million, but he wouldn’t trust them not to screw him over. He spoke about how his first WWE t-shirt pulled in six-figures in royalty money, but then WWE “stopped” selling the shirts, as they started to blackball him.



The former WWE star further said that he believes that Vince McMahon’s legacy in the pro wrestling business will vanish eventually. The former IC Champion stated that it is his firm assumption that stories about Vince McMahon’s shady dealings will surface after he dies, which will ruin his memory forever.

“Here’s the thing, one day the news will hit and it will happen and one day he’s not going to be here anymore. So, and, but he has done horrible things. His legacy will not be well. I’m telling you, his legacy, the things that are going to come out about him will forever ruin the contributions he made to wrestling. He will be forgotten.”

Ryback went on to say that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are “caught up in the system with that,” because Vince McMahon has created “this demonic toxic environment.”

Ryback has not been seen in a pro wrestling ring since 2018, touring with indie promotion Northeast Wrestling (NEW) for his final run to date.

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