Ex-WWE Star Looks Like Melania Trump In Photo

Candice Michelle dressed up as Melania Trump recently as revealed on Reddit.



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Candice Michelle, a former WWE Women’s Champion and prominent figure in the mid-2000s women’s division, garnered a significant fan following during her tenure with the company. Despite her success, a controversial backstage segment involving her and Vince McMahon generated considerable backlash. In this segment, McMahon supposedly cured Michelle’s chest cold through an unconventional physical interaction.

When questioned about how McMahon pitched the idea for the segment during an interview with Steve Fall’s Ten Count, Michelle opted to defend the WWE’s Executive Chairman. According to her, these scenarios are not necessarily explicitly pitched, but rather presented as part of the character portrayal within the context of the storyline.

Michelle emphasized that such scenes were more about delineating their respective characters and acting within the context of the narrative rather than focusing on any inappropriate actions or intentions. By framing the situation as part of the performative aspect of their roles, she sought to underscore the professional nature of their collaboration and its alignment with the demands of the script.

While the segment drew significant criticism and scrutiny, Michelle’s comments shed light on the intricacies of the creative process within the WWE and the complex dynamics between performers and their roles in the realm of professional wrestling.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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