Ex-WWE Star To Get Away With Pedophile Attack?

While to most sports fans, Cain Velasquez is known as the former UFC Heavyweight champion of the world – where he won that title two times in his mixed martial arts career. However, to many sports entertainment and professional wrestling fans, Cain Velasquez is known as the fighter that made his WWE debut on the first episode of Smackdown on FOX back in October of 2019. He confronted Brock Lesnar after Lesnar won the WWE Championship from Kofi Kingston in a squash match lasting only a few seconds. Cain last competed at Super ShowDown on 31 October 2019, where he was squashed by Brock Lesnar and failed to win the WWE Championship.



Cain Velasquez signed a lucrative multi-year deal with the WWE, but the contract allowed the company to release him whenever they saw fit and that is exactly what they did as he was released by the company back in 2020 as part of the pandemic budget cuts. The former UFC champion was also recently involved in a shooting incident in San Jose, California as well. Velasquez was taken into custody due to his involvement in the shooting, which involved two people. One of those people wound up in jail. The other went to the hospital.

MMA Junkie’s Nolan King recently spoke to defense attorney Mark Geragos to get an idea of Velasquez’s overall chances of walking free.

“I’m not gonna prognosticate anything,” Geragos began. “I will say the judge who heard the hearsay evidence – and by the way, the previous judge who denied him bail both had the same reaction, ‘He has a viable defense.’ And so, those are magic words in the criminal law. A viable defense means that you can present the evidence, that you can get presumably jury instructions and you can let jurors decide whether or not a reasonable person would have acted this way.

“He’s charged with – not with murder, cause nobody was murdered – but with an attempted murder. The heat of passion comes in to negate the malice element. If you negate the malice element, it is not an attempted murder. And that’s why both judges have commented that he’s got a viable defense here. Because there is a heat of passion defense, and the heat of passion defense and the jury instructions are such that both judicial officers commented that he’s got a viable defense to the accusations. And by the way, wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Our office has tried a case in that county before – not identical circumstances, but similar – that resulted in an acquittal.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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