Ex-WWE Star Wants ‘Justice’ After Bray Wyatt Death

Val Venis has not shied away from expressing his right-wing opinions. Recently, his focus on the pronoun debate has shifted back to a previous battle involving vaccinations. This time, he’s utilizing well-known personalities from the wrestling community, many of whom have faced health challenges, to propagate his viewpoint through viral propaganda.



A meme shared by Val Venis featured images of wrestling icons like Chris Jericho, Keith Lee, Bray Wyatt, Damar Hamlin, and Triple H, positioned under labels that suggest they play a role in distributing and endorsing vaccines. Bold text above them reads “STOP THE SHOTS,” making a clear statement against vaccinations. Venis accompanied the graphic with a caption simply stating, “Stop the shots.” While he didn’t delve into further explanation in this particular post, his stance on vaccination is unmistakable. He incorporated hashtags, including #JusticeForBrayWyatt, to amplify his message.

It’s worth noting that Val Venis has a history of sharing controversial content. He once spread a false rumor about The Pope’s arrest, and he has also made unsubstantiated claims, such as alleging that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had “sold his soul to the devil.”

In a previous instance, Val Venis made a particularly bold assertion regarding vaccinations in relation to Bray Wyatt’s passing. He suggested that discussing Wyatt’s COVID-related death could inadvertently encourage people to get vaccinated, which goes against his personal stance. This instance exemplifies how Venis employs provocative tactics to garner attention and spread his perspective on polarizing topics.

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Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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