Ex-WWE Star’s Trial Leading To New Arrest?

Cain Velasquez was behind bars as he was accused of attempted murder. He is now officially is out of custody. Velasquez was granted $1 million bail by Judge Arthur Bocanegra at a pre-trial hearing. He was being detained for eight months for attempted murder and 10 other gun-related charges in Santa Clara County, California. In fresh developments from the ongoing legal battle, reports have now emerged that the hearings for the accused child molester, Harry Goularte, and Velasquez have now been postponed until 2023 because the district attorney’s office is unable to contact his mother.



Cain Velasquez target’s court hearings have been delayed

The court proceedings and documents were brought to light by MMA Junkie. Goularte’s mother, Patricia, ran the Goularte Patty in San Martin, California, where her son allegedly molested Velasquez’s four-year-old son.

According to Philbrook, Patricia was summoned to appear as a witness by the DA’s office. However, she failed to show up on Monday and did not answer or return phone calls.

Judge Nishigaya has now imparted a body warrant attachment wherein, if she fails to make it to the next hearing scheduled for January 17, 2023, a bench warrant will be issued to take her into custody. It has been noted that Velasquez’s civil attorney, Warren Paboojian, claimed that Patricia Goularte attempted to avoid service when contacted by them on six different occasions.

Meanwhile, Along with the posted bail, there are other requirements in place, including GPS monitoring, CTE/TBI therapy, and area restrictions. But Velasquez will get to return home to his wife and two children, something many in the MMA community are thrilled by.

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