Ex-WWE World Champion Has Cancer In Video

Kevin Nash boasts an impressive and enduring career in professional wrestling. However, he, like any other human being, is not exempt from various health challenges. Recently, Nash bravely shared a graphic image from his cancer removal surgery, shedding light on his ongoing battle with health issues.



Despite his imposing size and commitment to staying in peak physical condition, Nash has grappled with a series of health setbacks throughout his career. In a recent episode of his Kliq This podcast, the wrestling legend disclosed that he had been diagnosed with skin cancer and had recently undergone surgery to remove it. The surgery left him with a visible scar on his face, which he did not shy away from displaying.

Nash’s response to this situation was characterized by his trademark resilience and determination. He acknowledged the presence of the scar on his face but underscored his overall well-being. He dispelled any concerns by emphasizing that he was not experiencing bloating or headaches, reassuring everyone that he was on the path to recovery. Nash, no stranger to such medical procedures, noted that the scar would eventually heal, just as the numerous other scars he has acquired throughout his body have healed in the past.

”Is this your rebuttal to me having skin cancer and having my face jacked open? My scar will… I’m fine. I’m not bloated, I don’t have a headache. I got a f****** cut on my face that will heal. Just like the 33 other ones I’ve had around my body, put me back together. I’ll be fine.”

In the face of adversity, Kevin Nash’s unwavering spirit and his willingness to openly share his journey with skin cancer serve as an inspiration to his fans and the wrestling community at large. His resilience and positive outlook on his recovery continue to exemplify his enduring strength and determination.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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