Ex-WWE World Champion Posts Photo Of Privates

The former WWE star Braun Strowman (now Adam Scherr) is quite active on Instagram and often updates the fans about his life. It was noted that the social media site recently removed Strowman’s latest post for being violent and ended up putting it back up soon after.



Braun Strowman opens up on the incident

Strowman recently shared a short video on Instagram in which he is posing with his ripped back facing the camera. As per Strowman, Instagram deemed the post as being violent. The social media site flagged the post, removed it, and put it back up soon after.

Check out the screengrab of his Instagram story below:

There have been reports that Hunter might bring back some more released stars.  Fans have been wondering if the former WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman (now Adam Scherr) will be brought back.

A fan recently asked former Universal Champion Strowman about the chances of him going back to WWE with Triple H in charge now.

“Is there any chance of you going back to wwe now that hhh is in charge of creative, it seems like they’re moving in the right direction,” asked the fan in his tweet.

Strowman replied to the same with the typical professional wrestling quote of “Never say never”, keeping the door open for a future WWE return.

It turns he is not a fan of AEW as he recently reacted to a botch compilation video featuring AEW’s Zack Clayton and Serpentico on Instagram. He also fired shots at the Jacksonville-based promotion and hailed CYN’s potential longevity in the business.

“CYN will be around longer than this trash. And our backing is worth 100’s of dollars cause it’s our money. Not blowing through daddy’s hard earned [that’s super questionable on the hard work but what ever do it know] #Botchfest #MarkFest #KilledTheBusiness,” Scherr responded.

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