Ex-WWE World Champion Raw Return Spoiler Leaks

It is being reported by Fightful Select that Kevin Owens is planning a ‘KO Show’ for the 7/18 episode of ‘WWE Raw’. This week’s RAW will be taped from the Amalie Arena in Tampa Florida.



The Street Profits member Monez Ford has some plans for himself. He had recently stated that he wants to become a WWE Champion if The Street Profits break up. WWE could also be planning a singles run for Montez Ford. Now, he has expressed his desire to recruit a new member for the tag-team.

Montez Ford wants Bobby Lashley to join The Street Profits

While speaking on WWE Die Woche, Montez Ford said that he and Dawkins would be open to teaming up with the reigning WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley. In fact, he wants to form ‘The Hurt Profits’ with ‘The All Mighty.’

“Me and Dawks share this long time, like years of bonding. We share so many of these similarities so it’s always good to work with people that [sic] have similar similarities. Bobby Lashley has a background in the military as well so I would love to see if we did work in the future; me, Dawks and him, you know, be The Hurt Profits or something like that [Ford laughed].”

At Money in the Bank, Lashley defeated Theory to win his the United States Championship. Recently, the 24-year-old confronted the newly crowned- United States Champion Lashley to tell him that he has a rematch for the title at SummerSlam 2022. During a recent edition of RAW, he made an appearance in the opening segment. He was seen holding the briefcase. He confirmed his match at SummerSlam and a clip had emerged of a somewhat hilarious botch where he seemingly revealed the contents of the briefcase. Theory had used the Money in the Bank briefcase to assault ‘The Allmighty.’ Theory might become a double champion after SummerSlam. He could cash-in his contract for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship as well as could win the US title from Lashley.
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