Ex-WWE World Champion Released During SmackDown

WWE have released Jinder Mahal.



Linda McMahon was the co-founder of Titan Sports. It was established alongside her husband, Vince McMahon, 44 years ago. It is no secret that she held noteworthy positions in WWE as President and CEO before departing in 2009 to run for the United States Senate.

During a talk on “The Brand” podcast, Stevie Richards spoke about Linda McMahon’s recent return to WWE at the Hall of Fame ceremony and backstage at WrestleMania 40. He noted that TKO, WWE’s new parent company, might consider bringing Linda back due to her expertise and successful track record in running the business.

Richards reckoned that Linda could be seen as a valuable asset to TKO due to the experience and the significant growth she brings to the table.

Richards also speculated that Linda’s return could serve as a way to bridge the gap between her proven business strategies and the new era of WWE under TKO. He emphasized the potential for Linda to contribute positively to the company’s future by combining her knowledge of past successes with TKO’s modern approach.

“Linda had run WWE as an amazing business. Most of the reason that it grew the way it did was because of Linda, not Vince. Business side, could TKO, could Ari [Emanuel], could Nick Khan, could people on that side of the merger know that Linda is an asset to WWE? And it could be completely independent of Vince. Could she be there to show that she’s going to be a good soldier and a good executive for the next regime of WWE/TKO? I think Linda would benefit them to bridge the gap between the way the business ran under her, which saw amazing growth, and now this new era and mixing both of those business plans together.”

Richards also dropped hints that Linda’s involvement could serve as a form of retribution against her husband, Vince McMahon, for past grievances.

“I’m still leaning on that Linda is seen as an asset by TKO. And also maybe this is her last little receipt on Vince for everything he’s done to her over the decades.”

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