Ex-Diva Upset With WWE’s Treatment Of Natalya, Most WWE TV Matches In 2011

— Friday’s episode of SmackDown saw Alicia Fox drop Natalya with a Scissors Kick for the decisive win in a tag team match. Then with Natalya still reeling, Tamina blasted her own partner with a kick to the face, followed up by a Superfly Splash from the top rope. Former Diva Cherry, a close friend of Natalya’s, was alarmed by WWE’s shabby treatment of the third-generation grappler.



She tweeted, “WWE have lost their minds! I have no idea what the hell they’re doing to Natalya! You’re wasting the talent of one of the best wrestlers you’ve got!”

Regarding the loss, Natalya wrote, “It’s not how hard you get hit, but how Many times you get hit, get up and keep on fighting. That’s hart…I mean heart.”

— Randy Orton competed in the most televised WWE matches in 2011 with 74, according to the Pro Wrestling Torch. He is trailed by Kofi Kingston (72), Sheamus (69), Dolph Ziggler (66), Alberto Del Rio (65), Daniel Bryan (63), Jack Swagger (63), Tyson Kidd (60), Wade Barrett (60), The Miz (54), Cody Rhodes (54), John Cena (53), CM Punk (53).

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