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Executives including Triple H sell over $160 million WWE stock

WWE stocks have been doing great in recent times and they have been on a steady rise since the news of the company’s new TV deals for Raw and SmackDown broke out.

And it appears that some WWE Executives have decided to cash in to this situation as it has been revealed that a number of company officials have recently sold some stocks worth $160,807,208.

According to the SEC filing posted on Monday, WWE Executives including Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Kevin Dunn unloaded stocks while the prices were at $82.92 a share. Below is a list of Executives with the value of the stocks they sold:

  • Executive Vice President, Television Production, Kevin Dunn: 122,926 shares for $10,193,023.90
  • Co-President, Michelle Wilson: 121,181 shares for $10,048,328.50
  • Co-President, George Barros: 120,546 shares for $9,995,474.32
  • Chief Brand Officer, Stephanie McMahon Levesque: 17,373 shares for $1,440,569.16
  • Executive Vice President, Talent, Live Events & Creative, Paul Levesque (Triple H): 17,272 shares for $1,432194.24
  • President, WWE Studios, Michael Luisi: 16,579 shares for $1,374,730,68
  • Corporate Controller, Mark Kowal: 4,913 shares for $407,385.96

  • Keith Learmonth

    What I said wasn’t subjective, it wasn’t up for debate. It was actual numbers. The numbers you said were going to burst the bubble. The numbers -you- told us to wait and see on. You were wrong. Deal with it like a mature adult.

    The numbers were good. No-one got investigated for insider trading. Stock price went up by 5, not down by 10.

  • Wicka Steve

    Wrong. But go on keep thinking that if it keeps you out of your safe room.

  • Keith Learmonth

    So, WWE just released the Quarterly revenues, and they were a company record high… the stock price jumped up 3 points. It looks like you had no idea what you were talking about.

  • Shawn OB

    Luisi 1 billion huh?

  • Wicka Steve

    Of course it’s a bubble. The stock price a year ago was what, twenty bucks a share? Then the new deals were coming closer and the price started climbing. Had WWE not gotten those big money deals, the bubble would have burst and the price would have tanked. Just because they got the big contracts doesn’t mean the bubble isn’t still artificially inflated. Wait and see what happens after the quarterly earnings come out. Ratings are down. Attendance is down. I doubt subscriptions are up as much as shareholders want. The PPV have been dreadful, which impacts live event attendance, networks buys, and TV ratings. WWE might think they have it all wrapped up with the new TV deals, but once they move, if ratings don’t improve, or drop even more, advertisers aren’t going to buy air time. It’s not a forgone conclusion that Raw or Smackdown won’t be cancelled, just like how Spike cancelled Impact and Impact had to go find a new home.

  • Wicka Steve

    I’m saying ratings are an early indicator. First people stop watching, then people stop attending. I’m not saying people aren’t watching, I’m saying fewer people are than were six weeks ago and WWE is doing nothing to right the ship.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I don’t believe the WWE has never been more stronger then it is today. An I grew up watching in the Hulk Hogan era. But they been getting stronger world wide the last few years. So of course there stocks keeps on growing.

  • Luke

    You can’t refer to a stock price rise as a “bubble”. That’s daft. All stocks go up and down according to the financial health and potential of a company.

    It’s also massively naive of you to suggest that current television ratings are a good indicator. A wise investor will look at how WWE is doing overall, and they are in rude good health at the moment even WITHOUT those massive television deals on the slate. Ratings don’t matter as long as the merch is still selling, the syndications are still going and the advertisers are still paying, which they are, in droves.

  • CC

    Of course it is artificially high due to the tv deals, thats how stocks work. They go up and down due to inside and outside reasons.

    As for a company “no one watches”, they still get worldwide viewing figures and bums on seats in arenas that will make a lot of entertainment and sporting events jealous.
    Hate on WWE all you want, but to say no one watches it is laughable.

  • Wicka Steve

    WWE stock price is an overly inflated bubble. It’s artificially high due to the USA and Fox deals. Once quarterly earnings come out(which should be soon), everyone will know they’ve been had. Watch these guys be investigated for insider trading. On top of that, the ratings are in the toilet are they aren’t willing to fix it. Ratings do matter and do impact stock prices. Why would you invest in a company no one watches? Stock price will drop ten points tomorrow, watch.