Famous Actress Reveals What Will Smith ‘Tastes Like’

Margot Robbie and Will Smith shared the screen for 2015 film Focus. It led to the rumors floating that suggested a possible love connection. While whispers of their off-screen connection grew louder, Robbie’s description of what it was like to kiss Smith added a sprinkle of intrigue to the mix.



Margot Robbie made a fascinating revelation to E! News via Pinkvilla about her experience filming on-screen kisses with Will Smith in Focus. She playfully described his breath, comparing it to the refreshing scent of a candy cane, which she attributed to a breath spray he used. “He’s got this really lovely breath spray, it tastes like Christmas. It’s like he’s just eaten a candy cane,” she confessed.

Smith contributed to the story with a good-natured memory involving his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. When he informed her about Robbie being his co-star, Jada responded playfully. She teasingly advised Smith to stay on top of his fitness game, jokingly reminding him not to let Robbie steal the spotlight on screen. “She was like, ‘Boy don’t embarrass me. Get in shape now, do not let that girl smash you onscreen.” Smith recalled.

Further, the speculation fueled after a noteworthy photo booth incident. A snapshot depicted Robbie lifting her shirt to reveal lingerie, while Smith appeared shirtless. The image, captured in a candid moment, caught the attention of observers who interpreted it as another piece of evidence hinting at a possible romantic link.

Though the rumor mill churned, insiders consistently emphasized that Smith and Robbie shared a genuinely cordial relationship. Interestingly to clear the air, Robbie herself offered a resolute perspective, publicly stating her decision to avoid dating fellow actors due to the added stress it brought to her life.

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