Famous Actress ‘Uncontrollably Touched’ Donald Trump

Roseanne Barr, the TV star turned MAGA comic, delivered a rally speech in Hialeah, Florida, which included a noteworthy segment about her encounter with former President Donald Trump. The event, covered by the pro-Trump media outlet Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN), took place concurrently with an NBC News-hosted Republican presidential primary debate that featured five current contenders.



Barr, known for her controversial past and a career downturn following a racist tweet, was one of the opening acts. She began her speech with a two-minute riff on her recent interaction with Trump at Mar-a-Lago, expressing her excitement about getting her picture taken with the former president. Barr humorously recounted her difficulty controlling herself and grabbing at Trump during the encounter, prompting him to gently readjust her hands. She humorously acknowledged the potential danger of such behavior, joking that she could have “got shot” by the Secret Service for her impulsive actions.

Despite the potential risks, Barr continued to share her unabashed enthusiasm for the former president. She detailed a subsequent encounter where she was able to touch and hug Trump, expressing deep gratitude for the support she received from Trump’s followers over the past four years. Barr, who identified herself as Jewish, intertwined her narrative with a reference to Shabbat night, emphasizing the spiritual significance of the moment. She spoke about praying for the country and urged the audience to join her in praying for those whose minds, in her view, were “stolen by this terrible regime.”

In a more reflective tone, Barr attributed her resilience to the love and support she received from her audience, thanking them for saving her and rebuilding her life during challenging times. The speech showcased the complex intersection of politics, celebrity, and personal experiences, creating a unique and memorable moment within the broader political landscape.

I got to get my picture taken with President Trump about a week ago there at Mar a Lago, you know, And it was so exciting! I can’t control myself! I went in there and I just, I grabbed at him, you know, and he was so nice!

He just kind of gently rearranged my arm so nicely. And afterwards I thought, Oh my God, I could have got shot! The way I was grabbing at him with the Secret Service. I was like, Oh, I love you!

But, you know, I can’t control myself. I just flipped out.

But then several nights later, I saw him again, and I was able to actually touch him and hug him. And it meant so much to me. And I, that was the night that Shabbat had ended.

I don’t know if you all know, but I’m a Jew. Wow. That’s the first time I’ve been cheered for that. Thank you.

So it’s Shabbat night and I had just, you know, said all my prayers all day, meditate, and I’m praying as I invite you to do for our country and for all the captives that you know, in our country whose minds are stolen by this terrible regime and they can’t get free of it. And, you know, we’ve got to pray for them. But when I touched him, my hands are full of all the love that you people have given me over the last four years. You saved my life. You built me back up when they tried to take me down.

You gave me so much love. I thank you for that. You saved me.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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