Famous Hollywood Star Offered ‘Bounty’ For Trump

Comic and actor George Lopez recently feared when CNN anchor Chris Wallace spoke about the “real possibility” that former President Donald Trump could win in 2024.



It has been noted that Wallace interviewed Lopez for this week’s edition of his Max series Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace on a variety of topics, including politics.

Lopez has been a vocal opponent of Trump since the 2016 election and even drew Secret Service attention in 2020 when he poked fun about offering a discount on a bounty for Trump. He replied to a post alleging an $80 million price on Trump’s head from Iranian forces by saying, “We’ll do it for half.”

After discussing the political content in Lopez’s act — which includes anti-Trump material — Wallace asked what the comic makes of the fact that Trump could very well re-take the White House. The horrified comic called out Trump’s escalating targeting of migrants:

“WALLACE: And what do you make of the fact, as we sit here in 2024, that there’s a real possibility, a real possibility, he could be reelected?

LOPEZ: He could actually be president. And if he is Chris, you know, I said, I was gonna leave the country for the first time, you know, not until I pay all my taxes, I’ll stay here, but also, but also, he’s opened the door to a lot of doors that were, were, were closed before, I mean, for women and, and for migrants, and and for a target on people’s backs.

I think that I mean, you know, during his first presidency, to see, ICE raids, which he said, was going to happen – I mean, he really, he really did that and to take parents away and to send people, some of them that were citizens, I mean, really, as a matter. But I just think it’s, it’s beneath what America has stood for.”

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