Famous Proud Boy Yells ‘Trump Won’ Entering Jail

According to Mediate, in a recent development surrounding the sentencing of individuals involved in the January 6th Capitol riot, Dominic Pezzola, a member of the far-right Proud Boys, demonstrated a perplexing reversal of behavior. Prior to his sentencing, Pezzola had pleaded for leniency, claiming to be a “changed man” and expressing deep regret for his actions during the riot, where he was charged with assaulting, resisting, or impeding certain officers and robbery involving government property.



The prosecution had initially sought a longer sentence, but Judge Timothy Kelly ultimately sentenced Pezzola to 10 years in federal prison, noting that he played a “lesser role” compared to his co-defendants.

During his plea for leniency, Pezzola had told the judge, “I stand before you with a heart full of regret. This was the worst, most regrettable decision of my life. I fully realize the gravity of my actions.”

However, what unfolded after Judge Kelly had left the courtroom took a surprising turn. As Pezzola was being escorted out to begin his prison term, he raised his fist and loudly proclaimed his allegiance to former President Donald Trump by shouting, “Trump won!” This unexpected display of support for Trump occurred after Pezzola had previously portrayed himself as a changed and remorseful individual, leading Judge Kelly to express belief in his transformation.

CNN’s Breanna Keilar, discussing this turn of events with justice correspondent Jessica Schneider, noted the bizarre and conflicting nature of Pezzola’s actions. Schneider explained that as Pezzola exited the courtroom, he defiantly declared Trump’s victory, seemingly believing that he had nothing to lose after already receiving his 10-year sentence. This stark contrast between Pezzola’s expressions of regret and his post-sentencing proclamation added to the complex and contradictory narratives surrounding the Proud Boy members involved in the Capitol riot cases.

“There was the bizarre moment in the courtroom as Dominic Pezzola was sentenced to 10 years. Tell us what happened,” CNN’s Breanna Keilar said to justice correspondent Jessica Schneider.

“Yeah, this just happened in the past few hours,” Schneider said. She continued:

Dominic Pezzola, also a member of the Proud Boys, sentenced to 10 years. And as he was leaving the courtroom, our reporters who were in the court, they say that he raised up his fist and he said, “Trump won!” Now this was after judge Timothy Kelly had already left the courtroom, but what’s especially interesting about that is that he would do that. He apparently thought he had nothing to lose because he’d already been sentenced to the 10 years, but previously when he stood before the judge, he said, “I am a changed and humble man,” and the judge said, “I do believe you have turned a corner.” But, despite all that, after the judge left the courtroom, and after the sentencing, he did insist that Trump won, sort of in an act of defiance. So, you know, a lot of conflicting narratives around these Proud Boy members.

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