Famous Rapper Brutally Attacks CM Punk

Violent J from ICP posted on Instagram, “Fuck @cmpunk for life. You wouldn’t shake our hands in TNA lil bitch and you clown on the only real friend you ever had in Colt Cabana you bitch. I Shared my bank account with my mom before she passed you little insensitive bitch. You little heartless alien. Suck my dick you little weak bitch couldn’t beat a jobber in UFC you fuckin nearly pathetic little joke. Come beat me up bitch. You suffer inside everyone, and they momma knows that. Get your head right you little suffering ass bitch. .. VJ of Insane Clown Posse- just as legendary as you lil bitch. Face it.”



CM Punk’s tenure in TNA Wrestling, though brief, was notable for showcasing his budding talent and potential in the professional wrestling world. Punk joined TNA in 2003, aligning himself with the promotion’s burgeoning X-Division. He quickly became part of the stable known as The Gathering, led by the charismatic Raven. This alliance allowed Punk to develop his character and in-ring skills alongside established names.

During his time with The Gathering, Punk engaged in several memorable feuds and matches, often displaying his unique blend of technical prowess and hardcore style. His rivalry with the likes of Sabu and Raven himself added depth to TNA’s storytelling, and his performances in X-Division matches highlighted his athleticism and versatility.

Despite his promising start, Punk’s run in TNA was relatively short-lived. Creative differences and opportunities elsewhere led to his departure from the promotion in 2004. Nevertheless, his stint in TNA was a crucial stepping stone in his career, providing him with the exposure and experience that would later propel him to greater heights in the wrestling industry, particularly in Ring of Honor and WWE.

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