Famous TV Host Drops ‘Dissolving’ Supreme Court Bombshell

Keith Olbermann took to Twitter and stated that the Supreme Court has betrayed democracy.


The Supreme Court has betrayed democracy. Its members including Jackson, Kagan and Sotomayor have proved themselves inept at reading comprehension. And collectively the “court” has shown itself to be corrupt and illegitimate. It must be dissolved.

During a discussion on CNN about the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to reverse the Trump ballot ban, political pundit Larry Sabato expressed exasperation, stating, “You can’t save the people from themselves.” Sabato, the director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, responded to Jim Acosta’s comment on Trump’s continued “insurrectionist-like rhetoric,” saying, “Of course he does!”

Sabato expressed doubt about Trump’s ability to change, citing that such rhetoric has worked for him in the past and may work again. He remarked that if people are determined to reelect Trump, even after the events of the insurrection, there might be little to stop them. He suggested that the legal system may not intervene effectively, predicting that Trump will be on the ballot and become the Republican nominee.

Commenting on the Supreme Court ruling, Sabato mentioned that it could serve as a motivating factor for Democrats and the Biden campaign, realizing the potential for a second Trump administration. He noted that a second Trump term might differ significantly from the first, expressing concerns about democracy and constitutionalism.

Sabato criticized Trump’s tactic of turning accusations against him into attacks on others. He pointed out the irony of Trump, who organized a potential coup d’état, now portraying Joe Biden as a threat to democracy.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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