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Fan mentions CM Punk in interactive segment during RAW Commercial Break

Cm Punk

WWE did an interactive trivia contest for the kids in the audience during one of the commercial breaks on this week’s episode of RAW. Sarah Schreiber went up to the kids in the arena and asked them questions about the nicknames of WWE Superstars.

However, when a little girl in attendance was asked about “The Best in the World”, his answer was correct but it wasn’t Shane McMahon. The girl’s answer for this question was former WWE Champion and the Superstar most synonymous with the “Best in the World” monicker – CM Punk.

The girl’s answer must have made quite a few WWE officials upset as they don’t like mentions of Punk dropping around on their program. However, this must have been a great moment for the audience in attendance.

  • Nick Larry

    It’s not a girl, it’s Nicholas, former WWE Tag Team Champion, he knows his s**t!

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch

    I wonder Vince’s reaction when fans mention Punk. I wonder if he tries to no sell it when they chant his name, or does he feel ashamed he treated the best “WRESTLER” in the world so poorly?