Fan Report from WWE’s Breaking Point PPV

– Thanks to JF Lachance for these live notes from last night’s Breaking Point pay-per-view in Montreal:



Just got back from Breaking Point and I thought you might share this with others on the website:

-Indeed I saw Sylvain Grenier at the show. He was sitting in front of me, ringside, 3rd row from the rail. I saw him left 3 times running fast. He was probably sitting with his girlfriend each time leaving her alone at the end of a match. Funny thing, the first time he came back to his seat he got caught by security asking him his ticket to his seat!

– There was a brochette of strippers look a like in front of holding a “We love Maryse” sign. They left several time during the show. Maryse’s related?

– Good part of the Bell center was tarped, but the crowd was still very loud and entertaining. At one point everyone was screaming “Va chier Reagal” which is the equivalent of “F*** Y** Regal” in French. Lots of mixed reaction for Orton and Cena; both very loud!

– After Camera went off the air, Taker stood up in the ring pissed and mumbling. walking around a few times, then left. Nothing really happened of interests.

– When I left the Bell Center, I was side by side with a PT Cruiser driven by Arn Anderson; they were 3 others with him and I was able to identify Ricky Steamboat in the front passenger seat. My guess is the 2 others were also road agents. They were driving 30km/h over the limit on the highway towards Ontario. They were not sleeping in Montreal I guess driving to Toronto I guess.

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