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Fandango Vignettes, Barrett Talks RAW Segment with Sheamus, Birthdays

– Below are the latest Fandango promos from last night’s RAW:

– ECW Original Danny Doring turns 39 years old today while “The Queen of Extreme” Francine turns 41. Former WWE star Gavin Spears turns 32. Also, today would have been the 65th birthday of WWE Hall of Famer Big John Studd.

– Wade Barrett tweeted the following about his segment on RAW last night with Sheamus:

“I don’t know which pillock edited that #DeadManDown trailer together, but it seems he forgot about the film’s main star. Trust me, I play a pivotal role in the film and you will be blown away by my performance. In fact, you should make the most of me being in WWE while you can. Hollywood bigwigs will be clamoring for my signature after March 8th. Anyone else notice the jealousy in @WWESheamus’ eyes tonight? Some people just can’t handle others being more successful and better looking.”

  • adam

    I liked his original gimmick this is a waste of a great talent. Shame ti he will have the same fate as Paul burchill and joe Henning I refuse to call him by the other name

  • Pewp

    I will be changing channels on that guy, I didn’t miss the Disco Inferno, and this is just another “Disqo” with the “creepy” gimmick. I don’t care for it, and I wish Vince wasn’t so high on it.