Fani Willis Dad ‘Knew’ About Virus Before Trump

John C. Floyd III, the radical father of Fani Willis who advised her during the high-profile indictment of former President Trump, claimed, under oath, he had prior knowledge of the COVID-19 outbreak while living in South Africa in 2019.



Fani Willis’ radical father, John C. Floyd III, who counseled her throughout the public indictment of the former president, stated under oath that he was aware of the COVID-19 pandemic in advance of 2019 while residing in South Africa.

His history with the Black Panthers is well-documented, encompassing a high-ranking role in the Los Angeles chapter and his eventual departure from the organization in the early 1970s to become a defense attorney.

Floyd also became well-known due to his friendship with Angela Davis, a contentious person who has been implicated in murder and kidnapping.

Floyd claims that his travels and experiences during his time living in South Africa, a nation with close ties to China because to substantial foreign relations, provided him with advanced information about the COVID outbreak. He suggests that his understanding of global health dynamics and connections abroad allowed him to anticipate the pandemic before it became a global crisis.

Defense Attorney: “Do you spend any time in 2019 in California?”

John Floyd: “No. And the reason I didn’t is that when I first came here, the answer is no, I did not. What happened was Covid. Once Covid hit, I was just paralyzed. I couldn’t go anyplace and do anything. I mean, I’m a theatre buff. I used to go to the theatre at least once a week. But when Covid hit, I just couldn’t. I couldn’t go to the dentist, which I need to do. It was just a thing. So, I was just stuck. I was just stuck there.”

Defense Attorney: “I may be wrong, but I believe Covid hit in 2020. So, I was asking about 2019. In 2019, did you spend any time…”

John Floyd: “In California before COVID was even here in the United States? Remember, I lived in South Africa, and I’ve traveled the world. I knew Covid was coming before. I knew Covid was around before. They may have announced it in ’20, but in fact, I knew about it and I knew what was happening in ’19.”

Defense Attorney: “Okay, so let’s walk through 2019, then.”

Some question the plausibility of his claims, while others are intrigued by the possibility that indicators of the impending pandemic could have been detected earlier than previously thought. This contributes to the speculation that COVID-19 was deliberately released before the 2020 presidential election.

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