Fani Willis ‘Damning Texts’ Revealed In Court

It has been noted that more damning evidence has emerged from the misconduct hearing of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis via Conversation Brief.



The text messages between Terrence Bradley and Ashleigh Merchant’s attorneys have surfaced, and they contain information that defies Willis’ sworn testimony about when her affair with Nathan Wade began.

Prominent legal analyst Phil Holloway made public some text messages related to X, which brought to light a notable inconsistency in Willis’ story. According to the texts, before Willis assumed office as District Attorney, he was in a romantic relationship with Wade, who was also a significant figure in the legal community.

This stands in stark contrast to Willis’s earlier admission that the affair began in 2022. The texts imply a longer time frame than previously acknowledged, saying, “It started when she left the DA’s office (as ADA) and was judge in South Fulton.”

Currently, Willis is leading a significant RICO lawsuit against former President Donald Trump, Michael Roman, and other parties. Roman has submitted a move to have the indictment dismissed, claiming that Willis had a conflict of interest and that she had transferred public funds to her spouse, Nathan Wade.

Roman contends that since this money was returned in the form of opulent travel, there may have been a federal law breach—more precisely, “Honest Services Fraud” and a RICO violation.

On Tuesday, Terrence Bradley, the divorce attorney of Nathan Wade, testified amid rumors and debate. The focus of the testimony was on the timeline of Wade’s romantic involvement with Fani Willis. However, Bradley’s testimony lacked specific details and was riddled with evasions.

The timing of the relationship has drawn attention because it may exclude Willis from participating in the Georgia election fraud case against Trump. Bradley’s credibility was severely damaged by his contradictory accounts of his knowledge about the alleged trips that Wade and Willis took. Bradley, who was Wade’s former legal partner, was under constant pressure to clarify the start of Wade and Willis’s relationship.

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