Fani Willis Is ‘Running Out Of Time’ After…

Fani Willis, the District Attorney for Fulton County, is facing a critical decision after receiving an ultimatum from Harrison Floyd, a co-defendant in the case against former President Donald Trump and others. Floyd alleges that Willis illegally recorded a conversation between himself and his defense attorney while he was in Maryland, which violates the state’s wiretapping laws. He has demanded that Willis recuse herself from the case or face legal consequences.



In his statement, Floyd expressed reluctance in taking action against Willis but emphasized that if she does not step down from the case by noon on Monday, he will pursue all legal remedies available to him. This warning comes after Willis’ team reportedly showed a clandestine recording of her conversation with Floyd’s attorney to a news outlet.

“I don’t want to put a black woman in Jail. But if Fani Willis does not recuse herself from this case by noon on Monday, I may have no other choice than to pursue all lawful remedies. Make Fulton Great Again.”

The Maryland Wiretap Law explicitly prohibits the interception, disclosure, or use of wire, oral, or electronic communications without consent, with severe penalties for violations including imprisonment and fines. Maryland is among the states with two-party consent laws regarding wiretapping.

Floyd’s attorney, Christopher Kachouroff, has accused Willis of breaking the law by recording their conversation without consent, describing her conduct as rude and abrupt. He asserted that recording conversations without consent is a felony in Maryland.

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