Fani Willis Runs Away From Trump’s Girl

Laura Loomer, a conservative activist, confronted Fani Willis, the District Attorney of Fulton County, Georgia, during her appearance at the National Association of Black County Officials event in Miami, Florida. The incident occurred on Friday night, where Willis was attending the event with her former lead attorney, Nathan Wade. The two were reportedly traveling together on business or pleasure trips, and the source of their funding remains unclear.



During her confrontation, Loomer questioned Willis about her legal pursuit of Donald Trump, accusing her of weaponizing the justice system against the former president. Loomer repeatedly asked why Willis was “persecuting” Trump and whether she was weaponizing the justice system.

Laura Loomer:  Fani, why are you trying to persecute Donald Trump?… Why are you trying to persecute Donald Trump?… Why are you weaponizing our justice system to go after President Trump, Fani?… Fani why are you weaponizing our justice system against Donald Trump?…

Notably, Willis paid Wade over $653,000 between 2022 and 2023 while the two were dating. Wade had to step down from Willis’s case against Donald Trump in mid-March, allegedly due to discrepancies in their accounts about the timing of their romantic relationship. Despite Wade’s resignation, Willis has not faced similar consequences for purportedly lying about the start of their affair.

Loomer also criticized the event’s environment, pointing out that there were women dressed in scanty clothing, describing the setting as having “strippers walking around half naked” and attendees smoking marijuana. This raised questions about the appropriateness of the venue for a district attorney addressing legal matters.

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