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Fans Block Parking Lot After Royal Rumble, People Livid With Roman Reigns

From reader Barjinder Parhar: After the Royal Rumble concluded, many fans gathered in the Wells Fargo Center parking lot to prevent wrestlers from leaving out of anger for how the Royal Rumble ended. People packed the parking lot and would not let wrestlers through.

But, by 12:15 a.m. EST, I saw Rumble winner Roman Reigns in the distance and he managed to make it out. For a while, there was no going in or out without massive heckling and boos. People were livid.

Also, The Usos were very angry. One of them got out of the car and went off on a group of people. I think they were defending Reigns verbally by going at the fans.

  • B. P. S.

    Where were you? I was there too, it seemed pretty calm, but got rowdy when that group of Bryan fans started blocking off the parking lot… Or were they just standing there… can you confirm?

  • Keith Learmonth

    Just saying, as soon as it was clear that DB wasn’t in last year’s rumble, who did the crowd get behind?


    Reigns was over right up until the IWC Pulled it’s usual crap of “Oh, this guy is winning most of his matches. Better start hating everything he does, even though we loved him just a short time ago”

  • Ray Tran

    Two part time wrestlers is better than any of these losers on the current roster.

  • oppa

    Vince wanted Rock vs Brock, and fans got upset about two “part time” wrestlers who are the two biggest ppv draws headlining Mania. People complained that it’s time for someone new to come along. So they put in Roman who fans were going crazy for and now the people are upset again. If people really want change, CancelWWENewtork cannot be just a hash tag. It must become a reality. You really have to support the smaller wrestlers that WWE does not want to push. As long as John Cena is the top merch guy in the company, it will stay business as usual for WWE.

  • Tom

    This isn’t true at all, I was out there and wrestlers made it out just fine. People were mostly cheering and joking around although some fans got stupid. The Usos were not defending Roman Reigns, some idiot opened their car door so one of them got out and the fan ran away.

  • Showbiz1

    I was thinking the same thing….

  • wahlly

    It’s one thing to be upset, but don’t do something stupid like this.. The outcome of the matches aren’t the performer fault.. On the other hand, I wonder how well Vince will be “listening to the fans”? Also, Stone Cold better drill HHH on the upcoming podcast episode!!!

  • wahlly

    How sick would it have been if the Undertaker came in as #30 and won and headlined WM against Lesnar? Didn’t even think of that, rumors are that he’s gonna compete this year, that would’ve been another great option the WWE failed upon.. Then have Rollins cash in after the Undertakers win being he’s not gonna want to be a full time champ

  • wahlly

    You gotta have your WM headliner someone who’s over with the fans, whether babyface or heel, and someone who can put on a great match.. Reigns singles matches aren’t good, and he’s surely not over with the fans one way or the other, that’s why ppl are so upset.. It’ll be interesting to see how the WWE tries to dig theirselves out of this one.. There was so many other ways they could’ve went last night that would’ve been absolutely EPIC, but they completely dropped the ball bad

  • kashonndaa

    oh please cry babies go drink a bottle and go to sleep

  • Keith Learmonth

    Yeah, how dare WWE try something new!

    Honestly, Cena should have won, and just dropped the belt to Orton at ‘Mania, right?


  • TheFizPop

    Well one thing is for sure, Raw tonight should be interesting, for fans if nothing else. Been thinking for ages now if this go against wwe fans movement is wwe switching gears and playing potential product suicide. Hate after all is way more engrossing than love, the internet culture proves that day in, day out.

  • Joe Sweat

    Enough is enough and it’s time for a change

  • A.M.Beatz

    Wrestling story lines are getting abit carried away. Theirs alot of bad decisions been made. And the worst one I have ever seen is the undertaker losing at WrestleMania. Now look what happened at the royal rumble Grade C show. They should of been some better thought put in the event.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    GOOD! Like the old ECW days! The Usos only care though because that’s their cousin. Promise you that if it was anyone else, wouldn’t notice the fans

  • d_pooch

    That’s getting a bit carried away. I wasn’t happy either, but at least fans are talking and are getting emotional, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing…