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Should fans expect The Undertaker at SummerSlam?


The Undertaker was recently spotted on his way to New York City. If you haven’t seen the picture yet, it’s out there and it’s very real.

The fact that WWE is holding their big summer event in Brooklyn might be just a coincidence but then again, you never know what can happen in the wonderful world of pro wrestling.

“As far as I know [The Undertaker] is in town, yeah” Dave Meltzer recently said on Wrestling Observer Radio. “So one would think if he’s in town given the way the interviews have gone and everything that he screws Roman Reigns out of winning the championship,” Meltzer said. “And maybe that’s how Brock wins and if it’s not Brock that’s how Strowman or Joe wins I mean everyone expects it to be Brock. It’s not the right time for Roman to win.”

“[The Undertaker] did that [retirement tease] the year before too. I never take serious The Undertaker’s retirement because I’ve been hearing it since 1997. So it’s interesting though because if he does come back and does this they gotta go with Roman Reigns and Undertaker at Survivor Series I think. I don’t know if I really wanna see that again I guess they could do a program where Undertaker beats him and Roman Reigns wins the third one or they could just have Roman win again but I don’t know. It’s like — I think Undertaker clearly in the last two years, maybe the last three at WrestleMania I don’t know, it’s hard. He’s beat up and I don’t know, I guess he was okay in all that but it’s not — I’m not for whatever reason when he did that [retirement angle at WrestleMania 33] it felt like the right time to finish.”

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  • Nicholas Giambattista

    The last statement sounded like the fan in him. But Undertaker is done in the ring he hardly made it though his last match at WM 33.

  • CC

    Did any of that last bit of Meltzers statement actually make any sense to anyone?