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Fans strongly disagree with Stephanie McMahon claim around WWE’s one key to success

  • what?

    Ain’t that the samething you said about cena?

  • wildeye

    did your parents teach you to be a poor loser? Daniel Bryan wasn’t being a poor loser. It’s not fast food. You can’t always have it your way. When Daniel Bryan got fired a long time ago the fans cried for him back and they brought him back. People asked for the IC champ title back that came back. People asked for women evolution look what is happening next month. People seem to forget and CM Punk said the same thing. What started people hating Roman was because Daniel Bryan lost, Rewatch that rumble and see all the people got booed not just Rey or Roman. If someone else won fans would say the same about them. The Rock was even booed for crying out loud. The fans didnt enjoy the rumble after DB got out. Again though you cant say you speak for every fan because for me it entertainment I dont care who has the title I just want to see the matches

  • Mike the Ike

    No, the problem is the McMahons decide what they want and then transpose that over reality and claim that what they give us is what we are telling them we want when that is not the case at all. When you have an entire arena booing poor Rey Mysterio out of the building because he’s not Danial Bryan, that is not listening to the fans. They put Rey in that spot because in general, he’s over with everyone everywhere. When you have people walking out IMMEDIATELY after the bell rings of a Roman Reign’s match because no one wanted to see Reigns win, you are not listening to the audience.

  • wildeye

    but the problem is that every fan thinks they talk for every fan.

  • Mike the Ike

    I want to know where she gets off saying that. They do anything BUT listen to the fans. We didn’t want Rey as number 30. We didn’t want Batista winning the Royal Rumble. We never wanted Jindar back. We wanted Ryder and WWE pushed him for 30 before taking away his YouTube show and pushing him back to SuperStars. We didn’t want Charlotte to beat Asuka. We damn sure didn’t want Carmella beating Asuka. We didn’t want Reigns walking out with the title. We didn’t want Lesnar to beat Punk’s record as champ. We don’t want Reigns as the champ. We wanted Strowman to beat Reigns. She’s just as a delusional or lying piece of sh*t as her father.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I think the truth in this situation is something of a middle ground, because WWE has listened to the audience on a lot of things, improving women’s wrestling, hiring AJ Styles, hiring Cedric Alexander, doing more big shows outside the USA, that kind of stuff… but then they ignore who the fans want as champions.

    That being said, I think it’s good, sometimes, that the WWE doesn’t just go with popular opinion to decide the champions, or it would always be the same 5 guys with the titles, which is really not that different to how it is now. I think they need to switch up the champions more than they would in either scenario.

  • wildeye

    It’s funny how people think they don’t listen when they have billions of fans around the world that are talking all at once. How can they please everyone in the universe? Try it then say they don’t listen to fans. I said it before and I’ll say it again. The first time Roman was booed big time was when he won the rumble and Daniel Bryan didn’t a few years back. If you don’t remember the Rock was booed for helping him. Since then people decided to be loud against Roman so why not put him on top? Try promoting a show this big and have every dummy happy. Don’t like the show shut up and change the channel.

  • CC

    We all know WWE does not listen to its audience. If they did Reigns would be a heel, and not be forced down peoples throats. Guys like Bray, Rusev, Cesaro, Elias and Strowman and others would be at the top of the card. Becky Lynch would be the face and Charlotte the heel. The Bella Twins would be nowhere near a ring again.