FBI Break Silence On Trump ‘Hostages’ Accusation

NBC News’s Lester Holt recently conducted a one-on-one interview with FBI Director Christopher Wray on Tuesday in a conversation that included his disagreement with former President Donald Trump on those arrested for their actions on January 6 were “hostages.”



Holt: Former President Trump has referred to those who have been imprisoned or facing trial as “hostages.” Do you see those individuals who took part in the January 6 riots as “hostages”?

Wray: I see the defendants in the January 6 cases as criminal defendants who are being charged with federal crimes, and are in front of independent courts as part of our legal system.

NBC News website included additional comments from Wray on those being prosecuted for taking part in the insurrection:

In our country, there are all sorts of people who are upset and angry about all sorts of things, about all sorts of people. But there is a right way under the First Amendment to express how upset you are. And violence — violence against law enforcement, destruction of federal property — is not it.

Holt also asked if Wray would follow orders by Trump to use the FBI to investigate his political rivals:

Holt: Former President Trump has said that if he’s reelected, he would use the FBI and the [Department of Justice] to go after his political opponents. Would you be party to that?

Wray: I’m going to make sure that as long as I’m the FBI Director, we do the right thing in the right way. And that means following the law, following our rules, staying faithful to our core values, enforcing the law without fear or favor.

Holt: If Donald Trump is reelected, will you plan on continuing to serve?

Wray: I’m enjoying doing this job. As long as I think I can continue doing that in a way that adheres to all those rules and norms, it’s what I’d like to keep doing.

NBC News pointed out: “FBI rules prohibit agents from opening an investigation without evidence of criminality, and Justice Department rules say agents may never make a decision regarding an investigation or prosecution for the purpose of giving an advantage or disadvantage to any candidate or political party.”

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