FBI Director Drops Trump & Tucker Conspiracy Bombshell

FBI Director Christopher Wray strongly refuted Tucker Carlson’s conspiracy theory during his appearance before the House Judiciary Committee. Carlson had claimed that FBI operatives, including Ray Epps, were involved in the January 6 attack on the Capitol. Wray’s testimony aimed to address the state of affairs at the FBI and address concerns from Republicans about a perceived “two-tiered system of justice.”



While Wray successfully defended the FBI against early critiques from Republican committee members, it was Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN) who praised the agency and asked Wray to comment on Carlson’s claim about Epps. Cohen characterized the January 6 attack as a severe instance of government “weaponization” and asked Wray if the FBI had any prior knowledge of the event.

Wray responded that the FBI did not have prior knowledge of an attempt to violently overthrow and breach the Capitol building. However, he acknowledged that the agency had issued several intelligence warnings about the potential for violence on that day.

Cohen then brought up the conspiracy theory propagated by Tucker Carlson and some of his colleagues on the other side of the aisle, suggesting that Epps was a secret government agent involved in instigating the crime. Wray flatly rejected the notion, calling it ludicrous and a disservice to the hardworking men and women of the FBI.

In agreement with Wray, Cohen expressed his support for the FBI and commended the agency for its dedication to safety and law enforcement. He emphasized that the FBI’s commitment to doing their job extends across political lines, and he appreciated their collaboration with local police departments to protect citizens. Cohen thanked Wray for his service to the United States.

Cohen The January six me was beyond the weaponization of government. It was a nuclearization of government against the government. Ah, I believe I heard that you said that you didn’t have any prior notice or reason to believe that there would be such an event on January six. Is that correct?

Wray We did not, to my knowledge, at least have prior knowledge of a an attempt, a violent overthrow of and breach of the Capitol building itself. Certainly, we were concerned about and put out a number of products, intelligence products to partners and others, warning of the potential for violence more generally on that date.

Cohen So there have been, I think, Tucker Carlson and some of the members colleagues on the other side of the aisle have said that Ray UPS was a secret government agent helping encourage this this crime so as to make the president look bad or give any knowledge of Ray Epps being a secret government agent.

Wray No, I will say that this notion that somehow the violence of the Capitol on January six was part of some operation orchestrated by FBI sources and agents is ludicrous and is a disservice to our brave, hardworking, dedicated men and women.

Cohen Director. I agree with you. I think the FBI has some of the most talented law enforcement people in our nation and in the world, and they are concerned about safety. They tend to, as I understand it. Lean Republican. But they do their job down the line, and that’s what they’re supposed to do. I’m happy we have the FBI operating in Memphis and other places to work with our police departments and joint units to protect our citizens. And I thank you for your service to United States. And I yield back. My time yields back down.

It is worth noting that Fox News is reportedly facing a potential defamation lawsuit as a result of Carlson’s comments, as reported by The New York Times earlier in the week.

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