FBI Investigating ‘Violent’ Threats In Colorado After Trump…

The Federal Bureau of Investigations is certainly investigating violent threats made against Colorado’s Supreme Court justices who removed former President Donald Trump off the state’s ballot via Mediaite.



It has been noted on Monday that the FBI released a statement claiming it was working with local law enforcement to assist in investigating the threats made against the justices who removed the Republican frontrunner from running for public office.

Earlier this month, Colorado’s Supreme Court made a 4-3 decision ruling that Trump is not eligible to become president again after engaging in insurrection on January 6th, 2021, citing the 14th amendment.

“The FBI is aware of the situation and working with local law enforcement,” said FBI Public Affairs Officer Vikki Migoya in a statement to CNN. “We will vigorously pursue investigations of any threat or use of violence committed by someone who uses extremist views to justify their actions regardless of motivation.”

State law enforcement previously told CNN that threats made against judges would be investigated and handled by local authorities.

Per CNN:

In addition to the federal response, state and local law enforcement officials and non-government research groups have been monitoring rhetoric on extremist online forums for signs it might translate to tangible threats to public officials.

The names of the four Colorado Supreme Court justices who ruled to disqualify Trump from the ballot have appeared frequently in “incendiary” posts on such forums with calls to expose the judges’ personal data, according to an analysis of the online chatter prepared by one non-partisan research organization for US law enforcement agencies that was obtained by CNN.

While the analysis found no specific threats to the judges, it said “there remains a risk of lone actor or small group violence or other illegal activities in response to the ruling.”

One user on a far-right, pro-Trump website posted, “All f— robed rats must f— hang,” an apparent reference to the Colorado justices.

Trump and his supporters criticized the justices claiming the former president cannot be barred from running for office on the grounds of insurrection because he’s never been charged criminally for the offense. Trump faces four criminal indictments in four separate jurisdictions

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